JohnBaton (a.k.a. Coach JB) teaches twirling to children and young adults all across the United States.  Stationed in Los Angeles, California, John works primarily in the communities of Hollywood, South Central and Santa Barbara.  He brings a fresh new look to the All-American traditionally female dominated sport known as baton twirling.

A nationally accomplished twirler, John has World Open and Collegiate Championship titles and was the first African American and male feature twirler for the Pennsylvania State University’s Marching Blue Band.

John teaches and entertains millions with his energetic and athletic twirling style.  Making appearances on America’s Got Talent, Soul Plane, I’ve Got A Secret, Dance 360, Showtime At the Apollo, and the Clipper and LA Lakers’ Halftimes, John is also an International NBTA Judge and Coach to nationally ranked twirling champions and Miss Majorette title winners.

Clients receive John’s exclusive talent and business concept that embodies inspiration toward each individual’s genuine and unique greatness.  John has a committed personal belief that artistic expression can do wonders for the soul raising the vibration of life to a higher awareness.  His teaching philosophy is that through hard work, dedication, focus, and having fun anyone can be guided toward achieving to their fullest potential!

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